Leina Hsu

Behind Your Back

Behind Your Back


On a given day, one-fifth to two-thirds of conversation is dedicated to gossip. On the higher end, that is around three hours per day, 21 hours per week, and 156 hours per year. Just to put that into perspective, if you spent 15 minutes of your day defecating, that is only 91.25 hours per year….

<i>Imagine Color</i>: A declaration of independent art

Imagine Color: A declaration of independent art


In an age of commercialization, it is easy to see why people find comfort in the untarnished nature of indie artists. There is an underlying intimacy in their exhibitions––a camaraderie in their fight against the oversaturation of the art world. This sense of authenticity can be found in the art displayed at Event BKE’s latest…

Slashers and Sex

Slashers and Sex


If there are three things I love, they’re the smell of coffee, a hot bath after a long day, and watching attractive people be brutally murdered in sequential order. Before you ask, you aren’t on the same campus as a beauty-abhorring psychopath, but a slasher movie fanatic. In the existentially draining chaos of this world,…

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