Mary Mei

Mary Mei is a senior studying Government and Economics in the College. She is a former assistant leisure editor.


Nomadic Theatre Balances Comedy and Domestic Violence in Exit, Pursued By a Bear

A figure struggles against the duct tape that binds him to a sofa-chair. A stripper and a man dressed as a cheerleader console a conflicted woman. The floor is littered... Read more


Gifted: A Disjointed and Emotional Journey

The opening shots of Gifted resemble a sunny home video documenting the first day of school. Seven-year-old Mary Adler (McKenna Grace) scowls over her breakfast at her bearded and rumpled... Read more


Natural Simplicity: Metallics at the Touchstone Gallery

At first glance, Mary D. Ott’s metallic paintings seem to be characterized by their lack of complexity; her aptly titled piece “Gold on Black” refers to a dark canvas interrupted... Read more