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Play honest, not nice

It would be much more helpful for all of us if our papers left those classrooms in shards. Instead, it seems like the barrier to raising your hand is having some point of praise to help the criticism go down easier. At twenty-one, I’d rather leave this Mary Poppins treatment behind; in a writing class for upperclassmen, criticism is neither rude nor unnecessary. Even good writers sweat out bad pieces, and I hope they’d like to know it when they do. The decision we make everyday in those classrooms is to value politeness over honesty, and it leaves us victims as much as perpetrators.


Hoyas shot down in Raleigh

There’s no best way to approach what happened to the Georgetown Hoyas in Raleigh on Sunday.


WEB EXCLUSIVE: Georgetown to take on 10th-seeded Davidson tomorrow

A win tomorrow against Davidson would mark another huge accomplishment for Georgetown: a third straight trip to the Sweet 16 after many college basketball fans had left it for dead before Thompson took over just four years ago. Tip-off in Raleigh is set for 2:50 p.m.


WEB EXCLUSIVE: Hoyas all business against feisty Retrievers

They wouldn’t play dead. They never rolled over. But the 15-seed UMBC Retrievers ran into much bigger dogs today at the RBC Center, as the 2-seed Georgetown Hoyas played to their strengths—lockdown defense, methodical offense and one of the best big men in the country in senior center Roy Hibbert—to record a ho-hum 66-47 win to move on to the second round of the NCAA tournament.


WEB EXCLUSIVE: These ‘dogs will hunt

“No one gives you a chance, especially no one else being a 15-seed, but we believe in our team,” UMBC junior guard Jay Greene said. “No 15-seed has ever beaten a 2-seed that didn’t believe they could do it … We know we have a good team and we are not going to back down from Georgetown.”


Attacking American Unreason

You’re dumb. It’s a message you can hardly avoid lately, unless you’re doing the very thing that’s making you dumb: not reading. Georgetown’s already told you so, in the form of a 72-page Intellectual Life Report that says you study less, drink more, and “earn” good grades more easily than your historical counterparts did. Your degree, it seems, will be a testament to an intellectual odyssey through a University in a “crisis stage.”


What Fine Dining’s All About

Nathan Beauchamp and I are in the offices above the 1789 Restaurant, and I’m getting nervous. He, meanwhile, is cool as ice water, and opening up a little more as... Read more


The Sports Sermon

To me, Peter Gammons is the ultimate name in baseball credibility. I’ve never read a single column he wrote in The Boston Globe, don’t regularly search out his pieces on ESPN.com and only hear from him on the rare occasions that I watch SportsCenter when he happens to be on.


Phearsome Philly phandom

I hate the Phillies.


The future of NATO

Former Presidents José Maria Aznar of Spain and Aleksander Kwasniewski of Poland set forth their vision of a successful North Atlantic Treaty Organization united by Western ideology on Monday in the ICC Auditorium. Both men are Distinguished Scholars in the Practice of Global Leadership at Georgetown.