Michelle Serban

Michelle is a sophomore in the SFS majoring in International Economics and minoring in Statistics. She loves jigsaw puzzles, believes that persimmons are the best fruit, and is a big classical music fan.


How music goes beyond borders to bring us together

I always thought the phrase “music unites people” was just one of those cliché things that people like to say. However, my perspective quickly changed over spring break when I went on an immersive trip to Cuba through Georgetown Music Ministry. I realized how ingrained music is in human nature, making it something that connects us both to each other and our historical roots.


FRESH STARTS Act pushes for better food in the D.C. Jail

On Feb. 2, Councilmember Brooke Pinto (D-Ward 2) introduced the FRESH STARTS Act to improve quality food access in the D.C. Jail.


Corp employees express concerns over internal diversity

Recent cycles raised concerns over The Corp’s hiring process and its diversity measures, that diversity may be tolerated but not encouraged.


Georgetown makes progress on its twenty-year plan with anticipated construction of interdisciplinary building

While no specific timeline for the new interdisciplinary building is yet available, community members recently shared their visions for it.


Healthcare privacy: How secure is our data?

Amazon’s acquisition of One Medical—with its 790,000 total users—has sparked worry among Georgetown community members about medical data security.

DC News

D.C. continues administering vaccines as monkeypox declines

The District's monkeypox cases have declined 20 percent on average since its per-capita high in July, partly due to high vaccination rates.


Frequent false fire alarms in Harbin pose serious safety concerns

For months, the first-year residents of Harbin Hall have been woken by false fire alarms at all hours of the night.


Georgetown students flock to get on Flok

Flok, an anonymous social media app, has become popular among Georgetown students who use it to anonymously share aspects of life on campus.


New light installment at The Wharf sends hopeful message to Romanians living abroad

The installation connects Romanians living abroad to their homeland and is scheduled to last until March 31 of this year. 


Unannounced inspections part of D.C. Jail class-action settlement

DOC has agreed to five unannounced inspections of the D.C. Jail over the next six months as part of a recent class-action lawsuit settlement.