Hoyas Advocating for Slavery Accountability (HASA)

HASA is a student group that seeks to work with descendants to ensure that Georgetown fulfills its promises to invest in descendant-led projects. We renamed Students for GU272 to HASA to recognize the descendants of those enslaved people that Georgetown did not sell in the 1838 sale and that Georgetown owned more than 272 individuals. Julia Thomas (COL '23), who is a descendant, and Olivia Henry (COL’24) are leading HASA.


It’s time for Georgetown to fulfill its promises to Descendants

We students demand transparency from the Foundation where there has been none, equal investment from Georgetown in a wider range of projects outside of the Foundation, consistent material reparations, a seat at the table that for too long has been missing for descendants in the decision making process, and a highly visible,  meaningful memorial on campus.