Rebecca Zaritsky


First Ladies: SFS Grads Revisit Time on the Hilltop

When Barbara Berky Evans (SFS ‘58) arrived on campus in the fall of 1954, she had no idea she was going to make Georgetown history. Her focus was on getting... Read more


Open Access: On Learning I Won’t Die of My Grandmother’s Disease

So, it looks like I won’t be getting Alzheimer’s Disease early. After looking at my genetic data, it turns out that I have no mutations in familial Alzheimer’s genes and... Read more

Fresh Voices

Fresh Voices: Rebecca Zaritsky on Open Access, Euthanasia, and Mental Health

In this episode of Fresh Voices, Opinions Editor Sienna Brancato talks with Rebecca Zaritsky about her recent entry to her column, “Open Access.” The article discusses her grandmother’s death, which leads... Read more


Open Access: On the Aftermath of My Grandmother’s Death

I’ve written about my grandmother’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease and her death before, and I’ve said that it was a blessing that she died when and how she did. While... Read more


Students join nation-wide school walkout to advocate for gun reform

Over 200 Georgetown students participated in the Walkout to End Gun Violence, a nation-wide event in which students left their classes in protest of the government’s lack of action on... Read more


Open Access: Ties of the NHS to Mental Health

I spent my spring break in London this year—seeing family, mostly, but also doing embarrassing tourist stuff like taking pictures with the guards in front of Buckingham Palace. On a... Read more


Open Access: Reflecting on My Grandmother’s Death

A year ago, I wrote an article about my grandmother’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, and how I wished euthanasia could have been an option for her. Last week, my grandmother died. All... Read more


Open Access: Veganism and Science

For the first two years I was vegan, I didn’t get a flu shot. I also believed that eating too much protein would lower the pH of my blood and... Read more


Open Access: Accepting the Grief of Chronic Illness

I was first introduced to the social model of disability during a freshman year writing seminar focused on disability. I read pieces from paralyzed men who believed that disability-causing illnesses... Read more


At a Crossroads: support and condemnation for Georgetown’s new LGBTQ community

The Office of Residential Living has approved Crossroads, a Living Learning Community (LLC) focused on explorations of gender and sexuality, to launch in the fall of 2018. LLCs are residences... Read more