Renny Simone

is a sophomore in the School of Foreign Service. He digs books, jazz, and social justice.


A Walk in the Park: Thinking Critically About Dumbarton Oaks

As is the case with idiosyncrasies, a February thaw enables all kinds of strange behaviors. Enthusiasts of this ephemeral spring, uninhibited by unseemly “winter tans,” don shorts and t-shirts; the... Read more


Branching Out: Marching Towards a New Culture of Protest

According to Troubles I’ve Seen, Jervis Anderson’s biography of Bayard Rustin, whenever Rustin, chief organizer of the March on Washington, was asked to organize similar events, he would wisely reply,... Read more


Branching Out: D.C.’s Troubled Democracy

“Democracy Dies in Darkness.” A phrase familiar to most of us, this solemn threat hangs over the Washington Post website like the Watergate. It is a noble slogan. Pleasantly alliterative,... Read more


Branching Out: How to Break the Georgetown Bubble

“Break the bubble.” I heard those words often in the September of my freshman year. It sounded like kind advice, sometimes, and other times, like a threat–break the bubble, or... Read more


Native Americans and National Parks: A Case of American Amnesia

On the largest wall of my dorm room hang three maps of America’s national parks. The National Park Service manages over 400 public lands, historic sites, and protected areas, but... Read more