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Black Iron Pizza a lukewarm burnout

Black Iron Pizza a lukewarm burnout


As a senior with roots in New York City, I’m a huge pizza fan—I could eat the stuff all day. Unsurprisingly, I was pretty excited to try Black Iron Pizza, one of DC’s newest pizza spots, and see if it captured the heart of someone whose early culinary education was in the Mecca of cheap,…

CV: José González, Vestiges and Claws


José González’s first release in seven years, Vestiges and Claws, shows that while he may not have been in the studio since the release of the first iPhone, he has not lost his touch. This album isn’t a departure from González’s particular beaten path, yet it proves that the Swedish-born singer-songwriter didn’t need to change…

CV: Murder by Death, Big Dark Love


Murder By Death is known for musical experiments, and their latest LP, Big Dark Love, is no exception. All in all, the band gives their seventh studio album a decent effort; but I’m worried that the discrepancy in quality between their previous LP, Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon, and Big Dark Love shows that even though…

Critical Voices: Cold War Kids, <i>Hold My Home</i>

Critical Voices: Cold War Kids, Hold My Home


I would have said that Cold War Kids did a fantastic and appropriate job of promoting their new album, Hold My Home, if its content wasn’t so dull. The singles are catchy, the pre-release interviews are exciting, and the teaser music video for “All This Could Be Yours” is downright sexy. Unfortunately, Cold War Kids…

Critical Voices: The Kooks, <i>Listen</i>

Critical Voices: The Kooks, Listen


Fans of previous Kooks albums, beware––this record is not the vintage, 60s-meets-90s British rock that would be welcome in a dingy London nightclub in either decade. Lacking their usual unified sound, Listen unsuccessfully meanders between funk and classic Brit rock.  Though occasionally revealing glimpses of the band’s battle-hardened sound, the album is wracked by a…

Critical Voices: RAC, <i>Strangers, Pt. II</i>

Critical Voices: RAC, Strangers, Pt. II


The second installment of RAC’s two-part debut album, Strangers II, is a stark departure from the band’s previous work of creating peppy, electronic remixes for other popular artists. Then again, as this record drives home—change isn’t always a bad thing. RAC, an acronym for the Remix Artist Collective, used Strangers II as a canvas to…

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