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Unpacking <i>Westworld</i> : Recap and Season 2 Predictions

Unpacking Westworld : Recap and Season 2 Predictions


“These violent delights have violent ends,” Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) warns in HBO-hit Westworld (2016-). The Shakespearean quote certainly holds true in season one’s explosive finale—the dangerous glee Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) takes in fostering his creations’ sentience came with its own volatile consequences. A show that both grapples with AI-morality, limits of human…

<i>South Park</i> : Season 21 Revisited

South Park : Season 21 Revisited


I have been trying to pinpoint the exact point in time I started watching Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s animated adult cartoon South Park. The show has become such a staple of my television consumption that it seems as if I have been watching it since the time Stone and Parker aired their very first…

Live Action Remakes Were Created by Satan

Live Action Remakes Were Created by Satan


I am putting myself in a very dangerous position by saying this. At risk of being labelled a party pooper, overly contrarian, or a freak of nature, I have to say I am not even remotely excited or pleased about the upcoming live action remake of the 1998 animated classic The Lion King. The recent…

<i>Bridesmaids</i> Isn’t a Comedy

Bridesmaids Isn’t a Comedy


I’m sure you’re all familiar with the female-led “comedy” Bridesmaids (2011). The hype surrounding the film preceded my initial viewing of it—critics and the casual moviegoer alike hailed it as a major success and a win for females in comedy. So, when I finally got around to watching it, I was shocked to find I…

<i>South Park</i> Heading South?

South Park Heading South?


Since 1997, Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s animated series South Park has been a staple of animated adult cartoons, with the 21st season having aired this September. The advertising campaign leading up to the new release promised a return to form after an experimental 19th and 20th seasons that, unlike the typical format of the…

<i>American Horror Story</i> Goes Back to Basics

American Horror Story Goes Back to Basics


As fans of the show know, it was clear after the last two seasons of popular anthology series “American Horror Story” that it was time for a change. After the pain and suffering I went through trying to sit through Freak Show and Hotel, I was — and still am — reluctant to buy into…

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