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May the Force Be With Her

On December 23, 2016, Carrie Fisher went into cardiac arrest while on board a flight to Los Angeles. The heart attack she suffered proved to be fatal; Fisher passed away... Read more

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The Weekly List: Soundtrack to My Freshman Year

My memories of GAAP weekend are hazy and fragmented. I have a vague recollection of being circled up with strangers on Healy lawn, encouraged to “bond” through games such as... Read more


Critical Voices: The Struts, Everybody Wants

Long hair, leather jackets, cigarettes, dark eye shadow—it would appear that classic rock is making a comeback. Imagine a blend of The Rolling Stones, Queen and Oasis and you might... Read more


Critical Voices: Sia, This is Acting

“Everyone in entertainment is insecure. We’ve been dancing our entire lives for your approval,” commented Australian singer-songwriter, Sia. With the release of her 7th album, This is Acting, Sia dances... Read more


GUSA Mental Health Committee announces new initiative

  On Jan. 13, the GUSA Mental Health Committee announced a new initiative, Project Lighthouse, that offers an anonymous online chatting space that Hoyas may use to discuss questions or... Read more


Starman in the Sky: Remembering David Bowie

David Bowie was… the champion of the misfits, those that dared to be different. He was… a boundary pusher, causing society to take a good, hard look at itself. His... Read more

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The New Prince Of Georgetown: A Evening at the Mr. Georgetown Pageant 2015

The weekend of October 3rd, hurricane Joaquin hit the Washington D.C. area. On October 9th  D.C. found itself in back to back weekends of torrential downpour as the sky opened... Read more