Tim Shine


What Rocks: Camille Trujillo

The Georgetown women’s soccer team has stormed out of the gate this season, thanks in no small part to its stifling defense. But it is the Hoya offense, fronted by leading goal scorer Camille Trujillo, that is responsible for the team’s wide margins of victory.


Backdoor Cuts: Just win, baby

Last Thursday, at the end of the second practice of a two-a-day, Georgetown football Head Coach Kevin Kelly was not happy. From the periphery of Multi-Sport Field, bystanders could hear Kelly tell his players in no uncertain terms (and with a few obscenities) that what he just saw in practice was unacceptable.


Financial Woes and On-Field Lows

On a brisk Saturday afternoon last November, the members of Georgetown’s football team walked off Multi-Sport Field defeated. They were defeated by account of the scoreboard, of course, having just suffered a 41-14 drubbing at the hands of Fordham, but their defeat also went deeper, as the Hoyas left the field for the eleventh and final time without having won a single contest.


Hoyas attend summer school at McDonough

Officially, college basketball begins with Midnight Madness in the fall and ends after March Madness. But in reality, the sport runs year-round. There’s recruiting, transfers, scheduling, and, best of all, summer league. And for over 20 years the storied Nike Pro City Jabbo Kenner League has been the summer home to Georgetown players.


Women win in OT thriller

Before the opening draw against Loyola on Wednesday night, the seniors on the Georgetown women’s lacrosse team were honored in a ceremony for their final home game. Later, with 17 minutes left to play in the game, it looked like that would be the last happy memory the seniors would have on the Multi-Sport Field. With almost three-fourths of the game having gone by, the Hoyas stared down a seven goal deficit, as Loyola’s Grace Gavin scored the Greyhounds’ fifth unanswered goal to take an 11-4 lead.


Natty Enlightenment

Shortly after waking up last Sunday, I got a call from a friend. The Nats were playing the Dodgers at 1:35 p.m. Did I still want to go? n a typical Sunday afternoon I’m usually debating whether or not I can put off Leo’s brunch and the start of my day for another half hour—forget about getting half way across the city.


Summer’s Calling

Earlier this month, I had an interview for a summer job. Walking into the lobby of the building, I was apprehensive about what awaited me beyond the elevator doors. It wasn’t the interview itself that worried me—thanks to the experience I had last summer, I just wanted to see what the place looked like.


Potent O and tenacious D aid Hoya win streak

Before the season started, the Georgetown men’s lacrosse team had a clear goal in mind: Return to the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 2007. With only four games left in the regular season, they know now is the time when they can fulfill those expectations.


Let me know, Monroe: Will you stay or will you go?

I love college, but if someone offered me a $2 million-a-year job, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second—I’d be gone. Sadly, that job offer isn’t coming my way any time soon. It’s absurd to consider it even a possibility. None of my sophomore classmates have any kind of skills that valuable. That is, except for one. Greg Monroe must love college more than Asher Roth, because that job offer has been in his hands for weeks now, and he’s still sitting in class. Professional basketball and its riches await the 6-foot-11-inch center, who has until April 25 to declare for the NBA draft.


Through thick and thin, Hoyas keep coming back

On Tuesday afternoon, the Georgetown baseball team found themselves trailing 3-0 in the eighth inning against a woeful UMBC squad that had won just four games this season. In past years, the Hoyas, never a Big East powerhouse, may not have had the resolve to fight back. But not this season.