Tim Shine


Backdoor Cuts: Play to win the game

As a football fan, few things are more dispiriting than watching your team lose to the Cleveland Browns. Tying them may be one of them. I thought I was about to find out what that would feel like this past Sunday afternoon, as I watched the Jets squander a lead late in regulation and then struggle through nearly all of overtime.


Sports fanatics drowning in unlimited Internet streams

On Monday night, for the first time in my two-plus years at Georgetown, school was in session and I was not at the Verizon Center for a men’s basketball game. When the Hoyas played Tulane, I had plans I couldn’t change, so I missed my first home game while school was in session.


Backcourt to the Future: 2011 Men’s Season Preview

In case you haven’t heard, Greg Monroe is gone. The latest in the long lineage of dominant Georgetown big men jumped ship for the NBA, taking his 16 points, 10 rebounds, and 4 assists per game with him. “It’s going to be much different,” Coach Thompson said. “Our backcourt is the heart and soul of what we’re going to do this year.”


99 problems but a hit ain’t one

It’s no secret that most Georgetown students are multitalented, but a graduate student competing for the closer role on the Hoya baseball team while managing a fledgling rap career sounds like a joke. He agrees. It was just a joke, a complete joke,” Mike Seander said. “Really, I’ll admit it first, it’s pretty ridiculous.”


Backdoor Cuts: Keeping the faith

When the playoffs began a few weeks ago, I thought the Yankees had no shot of winning the World Series. To my chagrin, and to the delight of the majority of people who root against the Evil Empire, I was right.


Football falls back to reality as QBs struggle

After taking down league rival Holy Cross on Homecoming last month, the once-hapless Georgetown football team seemed to be in the midst of a renaissance.The team’s record stood at 3-1, surpassing their win total for the past two seasons combined, and the Hoyas were just one last-second play away from being undefeated.


Backdoor Cuts: Welcome to the show, Monroe

You could be forgiven for thinking Greg Monroe never declared for the NBA Draft, was never picked by the Detroit Pistons, and never became a multi-millionaire professional basketball player. After all, if he did all that, why would he hang around at Club Lau?


WGTB: Back on the beat

During New Student Orientation this year, freshmen packed into Yates Field House for a “Party Like It’s 1999!” mixer. Of course, NSO’s inherent awkwardness meant there wasn’t much partying going on. So the event’s DJs took it upon themselves to start off the dancing. “Not a lot of people danced, because they’re all freshmen and embarrassed of each other,” GT Wrobel (COL ’11) said. “But we danced a lot.”


Backdoor Cuts: Nobody’s home

I looked at the Georgetown men’s basketball schedule, which came out last week, and I have good news: you’re not going to need to camp outside of the Verizon Center at six in the morning in the freezing cold. That’s not exactly what you want to hear before you shell out $125 for season tickets.


MMA fights for support after fighting each other

After years of being decried as a sideshow at best and an inhumane blood sport at worst, mixed martial arts have seemingly reached the mainstream, garnering national media coverage with the commercial success of Ultimate Fighting Championship. But at Georgetown, the sport remains underground.