and Stripped: Sensuality

The original duo is back. On this episode, Emma and Isabel talk getting dressed as a sensual act—each to varying levels of satisfaction—as inspired by this beautiful article. Isabel schools Emma on why red and silk are so goshdarn ~sexy~

and Stripped: Nudity

What do you feel sexiest in? Emma and Isabel sit down with guests Anna (a roommate) and Zoey (a two-time Voice Fashion Issue model) and talk about the difference between feeling beautiful and feeling sexy. And, as with all style inspirations, moms come into play.

and Stripped: The Male Mind

In this wild episode of Stripped, Emma and Isabel sit down with some dudes they just met, and some they’ve slept with, Ryan, Ian, Jeremy, and Parker. They ask all the questions you want answered: Do men dress for sex? What the hell is a boxer-brief? Does anyone, ever, notice matching lingerie? Tune in for...


Stripped: Season 3, Episode 5

Stripped: Season 3, Episode 5

By: and

Recorded sleepover style, this episode of “Stripped” features special guest Hanna Chan and hosts Emma Francois and Isabel Lord. On the docket: colorful hair and how it fits into identity, professionalism, queerness, and Asian womanhood. Image Credits: "Stripped" guest Hanna Chan models in the 2018 Fashion Issue. Chan hosts WGTB's "I Found It at a…

Stripped: Season 3, Episode 3

Stripped: Season 3, Episode 3

By: , , and

It’s couples’ fashion week here on Stripped! Guests of varying relationship statuses, Anna Gloor and Alli Kaufman, join your hapless-in-love co-hosts, Isabel Lord and Emma Francois, for this funny and insightful look at the psychology of couples (and roomies!) who match, gift, debate, criticize, and inspire one another’s fashion decisions. Plus, one of the guests endures…

Stripped: Season 3, Episode 1

Stripped: Season 3, Episode 1

By: and

In the first episode of “Stripped” season three, your favorite co-hosts and dynamite duo Isabel Lord and Emma Francois discuss the magic of a haircut and the psychology of perfume ads, inspired by Jennifer Lawrence’s first and newest, “Joy” and Ridley Scott “sharing the fantasy.” Listen if you need a dramatic reading of Brad Pitt’s epic and inevitable Chanel No. 5 ad (you…

Stripped: Authority in Fashion

Stripped: Authority in Fashion

By: and

In this episode of Stripped, Emma Francois and Isabel Lord discuss unicorns and other fashion news (IKEA bag and Rihanna’s outfit), followed by an in-depth look at the role of education, childhood, and fashion in cultivating identities. Then, the duo analyzes the tensions between education, luck, and talent, inspired by Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons.

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