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ChatGPT is not the end of written integrity

ChatGPT has upended what it means to write, but it may not be the game-changer for writing that the world initially envisioned.


We need to chat about ChatGPT

If the implications of ChatGPT in an academic environment will be substantial, the implications in greater society will be even more profound. ChatGPT is able to draft lease agreements based on a given location and even code websites, tasks that have previously required significant training. For the vast majority of people, this technology will only make life easier—and less expensive. However, for those who make a living off of these skills, the proliferation of AI could be detrimental.


Ethical AI standards for DoD unveiled at Georgetown

A group of tech leaders and academics appointed by the United States Department of Defense (DoD) unveiled newly proposed ethical principles for its use of artificial intelligence (AI) at Georgetown... Read more


Georgetown Research Centers Host AI Conference

Georgetown hosted the Kalaris Intelligence Conference on Sept. 25 in Gaston Hall. The event brought together experts from the government, academia, and the private sector to discuss the risks and... Read more