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A Proposal for a Best Animal Award at the Oscars

The bumpy road to the Academy Awards has been full of hosting controversies, an unpopular “popular film” award, and key categories getting moved (then unmoved) to ad breaks. But against... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Halftime Takes: What The Oscars Missed

Whether you love them or hate them, the Oscars have been filled with controversies. With the ceremony coming soon, Halftime Leisure staff is getting ready for it with our opinions... Read more


Bradley Cooper returns to campus to discuss new film, give advice to students

Bradley Cooper (COL ’97) returned to campus Sept. 11 to discuss his most recent film A Star is Born, which is set for release on October 5, with University President... Read more


A Star Is Born Crystallizes the Transcendent and Timeless

Late into the final act of A Star Is Born, a character observes, “There’s only 12 notes, and the octave repeats. All an artist can do is offer the world... Read more