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Emmy Awards 2015: The Academy Gets it Right

After sitting through the Emmys on Sunday, I slowly came to a shocking realization: I was not angry with any of the voters’ choices. Usually, I find myself in meaningless... Read more

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Mustaches, Masculinity, and the Terrifying Future: What’s Up Mad Men?

With only four more episodes until the end of the world of Mad Men, Don Draper and those around him find themselves in precarious situations. The future is a scary,... Read more

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6 Reasons To Let Kimmy Schmidt Into Your Life

There I sat, wallowing in self-pity, feeling empty after having my wisdom teeth removed. I needed something to pick me up. Having already watched enough college basketball to drive one... Read more

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2015 Oscars Recap: Birdman  Soars

Interminable. This is the word that comes to mind when thinking of last night’s Oscars. Despite their utter disregard for brevity, there were many memorable moments. Despite only going 6/11... Read more

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The Definitive Guide To The 2015 Oscars

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! With stars young and old, fascinating and unpredictable races, and Neil Patrick Harris hosting, Sunday’s Oscars have the potential to be one... Read more

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The Mindy Project  And New Girl Continue Their Strong Runs

On the surface, Fox boasts a strong Tuesday night lineup of female-driven comedy, with New Girl and The Mindy Project airing consecutively. With New Girl in its fourth season and... Read more

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The Wedding Ringer  Is A Competent Best Man

Is true love real? The Wedding Ringer drags you in with the semblance of being yet another rom-com listlessly answering this question. As the film progresses, however, it shifts its... Read more


Fox’s Gotham shows promise

Gotham’s mission — appealing to Batman and DC fans without showing the Dark Knight himself — was always going to be a difficult one. Now that the show has run... Read more

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The Mindy Project Highlights Realities of the Modern Sitcom

What does it take to survive as a sitcom in today’s television world? Can we simply not handle several seasons of the same characters anymore? One of my favorite comedies... Read more

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The Christopher Nolan Countdown You Deserve

Some may look at midterm election results and their ramifications as the highlight of this week’s news, but something far more important is taking place: the release of Interstellar. Consequently,... Read more

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The Knick Concludes Its First Season In Style

Clive Owen has played the brooding antihero before (see his Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated turn as Ernest Hemingway in Hemingway and Gellhorn). In The Knick, Cinemax’s period piece that wrapped... Read more

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After 20 years, Shawshank Still Holds Up

Every moviegoer is different—influenced by personal, cultural, and preferential biases—making it quite difficult for any one film to gain the approval of all who watch it. In fact, it seems... Read more