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Georgetown’s Socially Responsible Investing policy means nothing without accountability

Georgetown prides itself on its Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) policy. It remains complicit, however, in unethical investments in harmful companies. The SRI policy’s mission statement, created in 2017, emphasizes the... Read more


Georgetown students take on prison industrial complex

The Georgetown Prison Divestment Campaign (GUPDC) crafted and sent a proposal demanding the university divest from the prison industrial complex sent to the university’s Committee on Investments and Social Responsibility... Read more


Georgetown’s Long Path to Divestment

Georgetown became one of the first private universities to introduce a plan to fully divest from fossil fuels on Feb. 6 following a board of directors vote. The university will... Read more


A New Strategy for Fossil Fuels Divestment

What will sway Georgetown’s administration to divest our endowment from fossil fuels? Despite employing a combination of student advocacy, financial prudency, and appeals to Jesuit values, GU Fossil Free (GUFF)... Read more


CISR urges board of directors against private prison investments

The Committee on Investment and Social Responsibility (CISR) recommended the university board of directors not invest directly in private prison companies and avoid commingled funds with investments in private prison... Read more


Committee on Investment and Social Responsibility accepts student comments

The university’s Committee on Investment and Social Responsibility (CISR) accepted input from the student body until Jan. 27 on an October proposal submitted to CISR according to a Jan. 9... Read more