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Old legacies, new approaches: Reworked diversity requirement to take effect next year

What does it mean to receive an education from Georgetown, not despite but given the school’s history? A new one-credit seminar titled Race, Power, and Justice at Georgetown tries to... Read more


“Pathways to Social Justice” announced to replace “Engaging Diversity” core requirement

Georgetown University will replace its “Engaging Diversity” core curriculum requirement with “Pathways to Social Justice” beginning with the Class of 2027, GUSA announced in its biweekly newsletter for student feedback on March 2.


Donors, Deans, and Diversity: Behind the scenes of an evolving SFS curriculum

Student efforts around academics have shifted to establishing more diverse curricula, deepening regional studies, rethinking diversity requirements, and hiring faculty of color.


A love letter to the core curriculum

The core curriculum is a tool that can either push you out of your comfort zone or help you add a new dimension to your chosen area of study.


The Final Push: An ongoing struggle for an academic diversity requirement

On Feb. 7, 2000, 300 students stood crowded together in Red Square. They gathered together in the cold, listening to the voices of their fellow students echoing through the square.... Read more