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End performative environmentalism in D.C.’s climate resilience plan

To understand D.C.’s relationship with climate change, looking at the District’s latest climate resilience plan is the place to start. When D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser released a lengthy policy roadmap... Read more


D.C. government implements COVID-19 contact tracing app

D.C. residents with iPhone and Android smartphones began receiving push notifications encouraging them to opt into a new mobile exposure notification system on Oct. 20. 


Vote Yes on Initiative 77 and Give D.C. Workers a Raise

When D.C. voters go to the ballot boxes on June 19, they will have the opportunity to give the city’s tipped workers a raise. If enacted, Initiative 77 would incrementally... Read more


A Student Server’s Perspective on Initiative 77

On June 19, District of Columbia residents will vote on Initiative 77, which aims to get rid of the tipping system and instead implement one minimum wage for all workers.... Read more