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Five more months of hope: The story of the 2007 Georgetown basketball team

Patrick Ewing, Jr. is not here anymore, and maybe that’s for the best. Sometimes, stepping out of the comfort zone is the best way to move forward, even if it... Read more

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How Did You Decide Who To Root For in the Final Four?

I am a ferocious fan of underdogs. If there is a Vegas moneyline on a game that gives the favorite implied odds of better than, say, 70% to win, I’ll... Read more


Claims from Copenhagen: Men’s Elite Eight Recap, Final Four Preview

Claims from Copenhagen is a podcast hosted by Sports Editor Will Shanahan that offers an alternative way for our listeners to take a pulse on current events in the sports... Read more

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The Five Guys You'll Meet at the Final Four Party

The Final Four is here and you should be terrified. Like the Super Bowl, the World Series, and the Stanley Cup playoffs, the closer we get to the crowning of... Read more