Will Shanahan

is a junior in the McDonough School of Business, and Sports Executive of The Voice. He spends his days plotting visits to downstairs Leo's when the omelet line will be short and trying to recall memories of his middling high school football career.

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So You’re A Five-Star Recruit. Where Should You Go To School?

Signing top recruits remains the most predictive factor of a college football program’s success, and five-star recruits are the surest tickets on the market. So how do you convince one... Read more

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If Recruiting Becomes More Geography-Based Post-COVID, Who Benefits and Who Loses Out?

There’s no understating the importance of recruiting in college athletics, particularly when it comes to retaining touted high school athletes in-state. That’s for a pair of reasons. First, as has... Read more

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Potential One-For-One Trades Ahead Of The NHL Offseason

It’s easy to appreciate hockey trades. Though it’s difficult to locate a singular reason why, throughout the NHL’s history, even the game’s biggest names have never been totally off the... Read more

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Mock drafting Seattle’s NHL expansion team

NHL Seattle is slated to make its expansion draft selections about one year from now ahead of their inaugural season in 2021-22. Whether COVID-19 will push those dates back is... Read more

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Ridiculous Hypothetical: Reorganizing and Rescheduling College Football

You know college football? The sport where Scott Cochran earned $595,000 as University of Alabama’s strength and conditioning coordinator this past year? The sport where Cochran’s athletes created $77 million... Read more

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College Football’s Coaching Carousel: Grading the Seven Biggest Hires and Audits of My 2017 Grades

Full disclosure: I am infatuated with college football head coaches. It’s almost impossible to capture how important they are at the high-Division I level.  The head coach is so crucial,... Read more

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The Unforgettable Troy Tulowitzki

You shouldn’t feel bad for Troy Tulowitzki, the impossibly gifted shortstop from California. His tale is not unique – there are countless once-promising athletes who succumbed to relentless injuries. He... Read more

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Should You Draft A Big Wide Receiver In The First Round?

Now is a fascinating time to take stock of the future of the wide receiver position at the NFL level. On a broad level, Andy Reid’s quote that the college... Read more

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Using NHL General Managers’ Trading Preferences To Determine, Among Other Things, If Short Guys Really Are Cagier In Negotiations

Complaining about a short, tyrannical schoolmaster, Paul Baumer, the protagonist of Erich Maria Remarque’s World War I classic All Quiet on the Western Front, remarks: “It is very queer that... Read more


Men’s Basketball Implodes in Second Half After Bright Start Against Butler

The Georgetown men’s basketball team dropped a frustrating 69-64 decision at home to No. 16 Butler on Tuesday evening. Taking advantage of the visitors’ miscues in the opening stages, the... Read more