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“A Boys’ Club”: Female leaders navigate Georgetown’s predominately male-led student organizations

When Megan Skinner (SFS ’24) first learned about GUSA in 2020, women filled a majority of the Senate seats.  This year, Skinner is one of only eight women in the... Read more


Underrepresented on the Hilltop: Georgetown’s Women Fight for Equality

Georgetown University’s Board of Directors, which governs the university and makes decisions regarding tuition, academic programs, and other university policies along with President John DeGioia, is composed of nine women... Read more


Fashioning a New Understanding of Gender Equality

When most of us hear the words “gender equality,” our minds jump to women’s issues. We automatically conjure images of feminist rallies, calls for equal pay, and ownership of reproductive... Read more

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Breaking Hollywood’s Glass Ceiling

The Bechdel Test was concocted by the eponymous Alison Bechdel as a method for determining how well a film represents female characters. Bechdel was a cartoonist who originally came up... Read more