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What’s in the Cards: Sizing Up the MLB Postseason

As the leaves turn brown and the pumpkin spice lattes make their way back into our lives, only one thing is on everyone’s mind: the Fall Classic is just around... Read more

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MLB Analysis: The Last One

Ladies and Gentlemen: we have our American and National League Champions, our pennant winners, our pageant finalists if you will. The Giants play tonight in Kansas City for Game 1.... Read more

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Royals vs. Giants: A World Series Preview

Tuesday will mark the beginning of the 111th Fall Classic. It will feature the Kansas City Royals, a white-hot squad of young players that has won eight straight games to... Read more

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And then there Were Four

In my defense, I did at least correctly predict the AL Wild Card Game, which is about as well as any professional sports writers have predicted these playoffs have done.... Read more

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A King-Sized Victory

Tuesday marked the end of the longest active postseason drought in baseball as the Royals returned to the playoffs after 29 long and painful years.  For the past six months,... Read more

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The MLB Roundup: As the Fat Lady Sings

It’s almost October, and that can only mean one thing: PLAYOFF BASEBALL! Here’s how the last pieces of the puzzle came together: The AL: Detroit, Kansas City, Oakland, and Seattle... Read more

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As the Dust Settles: One Week Left

Apparently, 162 games are unnecessary: barring calamitous change, we have our playoff teams. Let’s dive right in: The AL Central This is the only real race left. The Royals are... Read more

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The Penultimatum: Two Weeks to Go

Yes, there is another week of baseball after this, but anybody paying attention will note that this week matters far more. Here’s what you should be watching as we approach... Read more