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Kidz Bop: Songs That Should be on the Next Album

Kidz Bop: Songs That Should be on the Next Album


Since the first album came out in 2001, Kidz Bop has been a phenomenon. The franchise’s staple of having children sing clean versions of popular songs has resonated with parents wanting to listen to music without worrying about their children hearing innuendos or curse words. This has led to involvement with brands like the Hard…

Critical Voices:  KIDZ BOP Kids, <i>KIDZ BOP 39</i>

Critical Voices: KIDZ BOP Kids, KIDZ BOP 39


When the last great empire falls and capitalism as we know it crumbles, there will be a few great pieces of art that remain. These are cultural artifacts that are so powerful that their genius will withstand the test of time. KIDZ BOP 39, the latest effort from the Kidz Bop Kids, is one such…

CV: Kidz Bop, <i>Kidz Bop 34</i>

CV: Kidz Bop, Kidz Bop 34

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“Kidz Bop 34” is the mind-boggling 34th offering from the children’s music brand. Created in 2001 as some sort of elaborate device for making prisoners talk, Kidz Bop has been getting stuck in listeners’ heads for 33 albums, and for the 34th, the Voice’s crack team of music critics sat down to try to analyze…

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