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CV: Goldlink, <i>At What Cost</i>

CV: Goldlink, At What Cost


As it currently stands, the world of hip-hop revolves more or less around three musical nexuses: LA, Chicago, and Atlanta. King Kendrick and his TDE label reign supreme on the west coast, Chance and friends have brought an underground scene to the surface on the South Side, and a collection of trap-cohorts led by Future,…

CV: Sampha, <i> Process </i>

CV: Sampha, Process


Sampha Sisay’s debut album has been a long time coming. The South London singer-songwriter has recently collaborated with big names such as Drake, Beyoncé, Kanye West, and Solange. But every time his career seemed ready to take off, he was called back home by an ever present tragedy: his mother’s ongoing battle with cancer, which…

CV: Kidz Bop, <i>Kidz Bop 34</i>

CV: Kidz Bop, Kidz Bop 34

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“Kidz Bop 34” is the mind-boggling 34th offering from the children’s music brand. Created in 2001 as some sort of elaborate device for making prisoners talk, Kidz Bop has been getting stuck in listeners’ heads for 33 albums, and for the 34th, the Voice’s crack team of music critics sat down to try to analyze…

CV: Ty Segall, <i>Ty Segall</i>

CV: Ty Segall, Ty Segall


Ty Segall has been one of the most prolific musicians in the rock scene for the last decade, but he isn’t the best at coming up with original album titles. Ty Segall is the eponymous Cali rocker’s second self-titled album, sharing the name with his 2008 debut release. This newest installation is more carefully produced…

CV: J. Cole, <i>4 Your Eyez Only</i>

CV: J. Cole, 4 Your Eyez Only


Days before the release of his new album 4 Your Eyez Only, J. Cole released a short film documenting the creative process behind the album, with footage of Cole and musical collaborators at work in the studio and conversations between Cole and his friends. The film also included two new incendiary tracks, each with an…

The Weekly List: If Authors Were Musicians

The Weekly List: If Authors Were Musicians


Have you ever wondered, “If writers were musical artists, who would they be?” Well, we have. Halftime presents, The Weekly List: If Authors Were Musicians. Shakespeare: The Beatles The Beatles are probably one of the only bands whose music is as universally popular as Shakespeare plays, and having released thirteen studio albums in just eight…

José Fernández Was The Reason We Love Baseball

José Fernández Was The Reason We Love Baseball


The sadness that comes when a young life is cut short is the heaviest, the most crushing, of all kinds of sadness. It’s a grief that numbs at first, like a sharp inhale of anesthesia, and then gradually materializes and swirls in opaque tendrils around you like some dark fog. It imbues wretched bitterness; an…

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