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Halftime Leisure

Some Disparate Thoughts I Had While Watching the 2017 Academy Awards, or Just Wow.

Thoughts On The Opening Number and Jimmy Kimmel’s Monologue Justin Timberlake opens the Oscars with a rendition of “Can’t Stop the Feeling” and gets the A-listers on their feet, reminding... Read more

Halftime Leisure

The 250: La La Land

Welcome to the 250, a weekly podcast where Voice staffers watch a movie from IMDb’s top 250 list and discuss their thoughts. This week host, Danielle Hewitt sits down with... Read more


La La Land Transcends Mere Dialogue

Simultaneously whimsical and melancholy, La La Land manages to weave a simple story of love and ambition in the most dazzling of ways. The film is an original musical with... Read more