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Georgetown must rebuild equitable admissions at every stage

The Supreme Court’s decision to repeal race-conscious affirmative action has brought inequitable college admissions practices to the forefront of discussions on higher education. Make no mistake, however: affirmative action was... Read more


Student petition calls for end of legacy admission at Georgetown

More than three years ago, several students began circulating a petition calling for the end of legacy admissions. The authors cited several sources confirming the role of legacy admissions in... Read more

Georgetown Explained

Georgetown Explained: Georgetown’s application process

With students preparing for Georgetown’s Jan. 10 regular decision deadline, debate over the application has returned to the forefront.


SFS Academic Council calls for reform of Georgetown’s admissions practices

The SFSAC released a petition to eliminate standardized testing scores and legacy status in Georgetown’s admissions process.


Students petition to end legacy admissions at Georgetown

A long-accepted part of the college admissions process, legacy admissions, which prioritizes applicants with familial ties to a school, have come under renewed scrutiny for their prioritization of wealthy, predominately... Read more


End Legacy Admissions

In 2014, Johns Hopkins University quietly removed its admissions’ consideration of legacy status. This January, their university president went public with the change in The Atlantic, noting dramatic increases in... Read more