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Turn Every Page documents a legendary literary duo’s fear of legacy, mortality, and … semicolons?

Gottlieb showcases her artistic talent through this emotional journey of their respective lives, legacy, and love


The anti-women meaning of “women’s lit”

by framing everything they have to say as “women’s,” the label of “women’s fiction” effectively bars female writers from participation in broader, ungendered discussion through their work.

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QUIZ: Which of my favorite books from 2020 should you read based on your coffee order?

I read a lot of books last year. I also drank a lot of coffee last year. Now that the semester has started I no longer have time to read... Read more

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Looking Past the Green Light

When you hear the name F. Scott Fitzgerald, what’s the first thing you think of? For many in our generation, it’s Gatsby, of course. But when Fitzgerald died in 1940,... Read more

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Book Review: The Hope We Seek, Richard Shapero

One day in early October, young entrepreneurs handed out copies of a mysterious novel to innocent passersby meandering through Red Square. Perhaps you picked up a copy, or stopped long... Read more

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Ivan Brunetti’s memoir draws on depression

I’m going to ease myself into this book column with a picture book—a grown-up picture book that hints at all the disillusionment and exhaustion characteristic of actual adult life. (As... Read more