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Aaron Judge’s home run chase restores the mythology of records

There is a unique mythology surrounding records in baseball, a canon of stories behind the numbers that demonstrate the Herculean exploits of individual players. And no record has greater mythology—and... Read more

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MLB Postseason returns with promise of excitement

The storied time is upon us again. The air is crisper, the days are shorter, and playoff baseball is just on the horizon. Coming off of quite possibly the most... Read more

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There’s Always Next Year: MLB Playoff Droughts and A New Decade

While some MLB franchises seem to be annual contenders every October, others are in the midst of playoff droughts, some even old enough to vote in elections. Spring training starts... Read more


The Sports Sermon: MLB Postseason Preview

In this episode of the Sports Sermon, Nick Gavio is joined by Graham Piro and Tristan Lee to discuss the MLB Playoffs.


Clayton Kershaw Seeks to Redefine His Legacy

I’m sure you’ve thought it, at least once. Maybe October came around and your team was set to face the Dodgers. Maybe you and your friends were in one of... Read more

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And then there Were Four

In my defense, I did at least correctly predict the AL Wild Card Game, which is about as well as any professional sports writers have predicted these playoffs have done.... Read more

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A King-Sized Victory

Tuesday marked the end of the longest active postseason drought in baseball as the Royals returned to the playoffs after 29 long and painful years.  For the past six months,... Read more