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National Portrait Gallery’s Kinship provides a reflective glimpse into our closest relationships

Featuring eight contemporary artists, Kinship depicts the complexities of human relationships through various media.

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National Portrait Gallery virtual festival conjures a kaleidoscope of women, art, and history in “Where There Is a Woman There Is Magic”

Content warning: mentions of sexual assault, racism “This selection of portraits seeks to inspire learning and inquiry through the celebration of women, whose stories are often unsung or missing from... Read more

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An hour in the Life of a First Lady: The Portrait Gallery Presents Every Eye is Upon Me: First Ladies of the United States

“A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water.” -Eleanor Roosevelt As the longest serving First Lady of the United... Read more


National Portrait Gallery’s Unseen Exhibit is Halfway There

50 years ago, the National Portrait Gallery opened its America’s Presidents exhibit, which has since become one of the Smithsonian’s landmark tourist destinations. As the Portrait Gallery celebrates its history,... Read more


Historic Presidential Portraits Offer Comfort, Inspiration

By now, the stunning portraits of President Barack Obama and Former First Lady Michelle Obama are all over the internet. We’ve seen the President’s pensive gaze framed with striking green... Read more


National Portrait Gallery Tells Story of America Through Reopened America’s Presidents Installation

With its reopening and new additions, the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery’s America’s Presidents exhibition traces the legacy of the American presidency through 44 holders of the office. After closing for... Read more

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Duplicity as Identity Exhibits our Development

Photographs of a woman wearing a bear suit, black-and-white hands, and a maid floating in a swimming pool all collide in the National Portrait Gallery’s exhibition “Portraiture Now: Staging the... Read more