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Everything I Got Wrong In Sports This Year: TIER LIST (Volume 2)

It’s finals season on the Hilltop. You know what that means: Ben making another tier list to avoid doing homework.  However, I must start this second edition of Everything I... Read more

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NFL QB Rankings: Patrick Mahomes is the perfect football player

I ranked every current starting quarterback in the NFL based on how I think they can perform this upcoming season, taking into account how they have played in the first... Read more

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Everything I got wrong in sports this year: TIER LIST

Man, am I (known for being) a sucker for a good tier list. Unfortunately, I’m not sure I’ve written one this year… just kidding, my 17 page manifesto on coaching... Read more

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Ranking the 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates’ Merch from Worst to Best

Last week’s Climate Forum meant Gaston Hall was alive with a rainbow of campaign colors. Due to the sheer number of Democratic candidates (19 at press time, although only 11... Read more


Higher Edge: The truth about rankings

The U.S. News and World Report released its annual college rankings list on Tuesday Sept. 12. University presidents, administrators, and deans waited with baited breath for its release as a... Read more