Articles tagged: Reform


Reform the Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life

Due to the hypocritical and offense nature of the conference and its speakers, H*yas for Choice calls on the Georgetown administration to mandate a conference name change by December 2021, as well as to explicitly condemn the actions of Cardinal O’Connor and the offensive rhetoric of the speakers at the conference.


Big Structural Reform for GUSA

Georgetown students don’t care about GUSA. They don’t think GUSA does anything, they don’t see GUSA as a tool for solving their problems, and they stereotype the people in GUSA... Read more


Problems at Home Don’t Stay at Home

Refresh, scroll down, nothing new. Wait. “What do you think?” my friend asks. His words barely process. I’m staring at my laptop, refreshing an anonymously-run Facebook page. It’s the same... Read more


Level the Playing Field for College Athletes

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) was founded under a different name in 1906. Its goal was to “protect young people from the dangerous and exploitative athletic practices of the... Read more


Make Georgetown Admissions Test-Optional 

The SAT is supposedly an objective, merit-based assessment; the harder you work, the better you score. But that’s not the reality. Family income and race play too large a role... Read more