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Saxa Politica: Breaking promises, slowly


If it seemed to casual observers that the GUSA leaders were violating the trust of administrators when they chose to publicly reveal what they had learned in private discussions, it was only because administrators had already breached that trust. When an agreement was finally reached on the 2010 Campus Plan, it was presented to students…

Saxa Politica: The case for a satellite campus


GUSA leaders talk at length about the need to “start a campus discussion” surrounding whether to create a satellite campus. In the same breath, they condemn it as an abomination that would destroy student life at Georgetown. Reading reports in campus media, it would seem as if no students would consider supporting the establishment of…

Saxa Politica: The dog days of summer


It’s well known that organizations announce bad news on Friday afternoons. However, instead of these Friday news dumps, the University has been engaging in “summer news dumps.” In place of waiting for students to come back to campus to announce unpopular decisions, administrators often decide to resolve these issues over the summer when students are…

Saxa Politica: Kegging it back to campus


Last week, Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson lifted the years-old ban on having multiple kegs in University-owned housing. While Olson’s move is the most recent in the first few steps to finally making the Hilltop the central hub for campus life, the University still has several steps to take in order to restore…

Saxa Politica: Slow but steady progress?


Writing this column has yielded copious amounts of startling conclusions regarding the state of Georgetown’s internal structure. As expected, most of said revelations revealed the University as ideal porn for fans of institutional ineptitude, self-imposed and self-aware bureaucratic asphyxiation, and inexplicable breakdowns in otherwise intuitive communication structures.

Saxa Politica: ‘Drunken’ misses the point


“They don’t get much ruder than this bunch who seems to feel the need to host a party anytime they can,” writes Burlieth resident and former American University photography professor Stephen R. Brown under a video depicting a 37th Street party. His website, “Drunken” Georgetown Students, launched in April 2010, is once again in full swing, cataloguing the drunken debauchery of Georgetown students and “young professionals” in their own back yards.

Saxa Politica: Clearly Unconvincing


On the evening of student government senate elections, student rights supporters scored a major victory in a referendum put forward by GUSA supporting a burden-of-proof alteration to the Student Code of Conduct. The recommendation for raising the evidentiary standard in all cases except instances of sexual assault was first proposed in April by the Disciplinary Review Committee. In the vote, the current “more likely than not” standard received a total of 93 votes, while the now well-advertised “clear and convincing” proposal received 2,507.

Saxa Politica: Technological Disconnects


We’ve all seen the signs on vending machines scattered across campus and felt the tinge of frustration and hopelessness. “Out of order,” reads the black box hammered onto an otherwise sleek dispenser. While the uncertainty of being able to purchase Coke at machines in the Leavey Center or in shadowy corners of the campus does not necessarily condemn the GOCard Office, the prevalence of frequently nonfunctional equipment points to a deeper issue with Auxiliary Business Services, GOCard’s parent institution.

Saxa Politica: A Blueprint for success


This semester, the Center for Student Programs, the Center for Social Justice, and Campus Ministry collaborated to launch a daring initiative entitled The Blueprint. This set of two training sessions, which concluded Saturday, was designed to educate the leaders of student organizations on the resources available under the University’s access to benefits policies and, of course, the consequences of abusing organizational privileges.

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