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Saxa Politica: Competitive culture presides on campus


’Tis the season of disappointment. Applications to the Corp and GUASFCU have been written, received, and rejected. Academic Council and, most recently, GUSA Senate committee chair votes have been cast, counted, and alternately celebrated or condemned. According to a project manager for the Hilltop Microfinance Initiative, which provides credit and consulting services to local small…

Saxa Politica: GU history is far from a fairytale


Once upon a time, Georgetown became the first Catholic university in America to have an LGBTQ center, with not one, but two full-time staffers—an anomaly at the time. Today, the Georgetown LGBTQ Center and student group GUPride serve as pillars of support for LGBTQ students, with regular meetings and programming.  This fairytale is the one…

Saxa Politica: Planning Georgetown’s Blueprint


It’s hard to not talk about the banging of construction, dust of drywall, and random road closures that will last for the next year. All this is driven by the requirements of the 2010 Campus Plan, which stipulates that the University add 385 beds to campus by 2015. One can simply think back to the…

Saxa Politica: The importance of local journalism


This may be the end. After three years writing for this preeminent newsweekly, my time as a reporter, editor, and columnist is ending soon. Over the course of my time covering campus news, I have covered both breaking news and issues that have been stewing for some time; both the wonky and the accessible; both…

Saxa Politica: Brick by brick, building our story


It’s time to admit it: Georgetown’s buildings are ugly. With the exception of the main quad, Georgetown wasn’t designed in a unified architectural style. While we have enough soaring edifices to satisfy most people’s mental image of what a prestigious university should look like, the ratio of architectural treasures to eyesores here is considerably lower…

Saxa Politica: Inclusivity over exclusivity


The average Georgetown student is racing toward middle-aged life. You know the type: in a suit Monday through Friday, half of their net worth is tied up in investments at 19, treats their latest internship like it’s their identity, can’t wait to work for a mega-bank, loves committee structure and flow-charts. Youthful exuberance has been…

Saxa Politica: This is what “student engagement” looks like


My experience being the closest thing to a talking head of Georgetown media has taught me one thing: when you’ve exhausted your list of people to criticize, there’s always an easy target—blame administrators for not having enough “student engagement.” Here’s the formula. Administrators announce mildly unpopular policy. Various groups of students disagree. Campus media asks…

Saxa Politica: GUSA’s Nanny State


Want better housing next year? Just make sure you’ve paid your library fines, and double-check that you’re not a bigot. GUSA hopes to combat the destructive forces of discrimination through What’s a Hoya, a program that will incentivize students to attend University-approved seminars for a slight boost in housing points. The topic of the first…

Saxa Politica: Free speech applies to all


When William Blatty (COL ’50) accused Georgetown of acceding to “intolerant orthodoxies,” I, like most of my peers, shrugged it off. Recently, though, I was forced to reconsider. In the last two weeks, groups of LGBTQ students protested two events hosted by Love Saxa, a student group devoted to fighting the hook-up culture and promoting…

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