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Comedy + charity = the stand-up thing to do with Georgetown Comedy for a Cause

Top-tier local comedy, supporting students, and giving to a good cause add up to an exciting opportunity for audience members and aspiring comedians alike.


Margaret Cho is angry—and you should be, too

We spoke with Cho ahead of her upcoming appearance at the Warner Theater, and she discussed the many sources of inspiration that fuel her work.


Chris Distefano Brings Edgy Comedy to the Capital

From the beginning of Chris Distefano’s show, he seemed to immediately click with the audience. Between his impressions of millennial culture and the ease with which he talked about his... Read more


On The Record With Bill Burr On Being Happy, Old, and a Man

Honestly, comedian Bill Burr may have been playing fetch with his kid in his underpants and mellowing in the afterglow from the Red Sox’s extra innings win over the Yankees... Read more


Sarah Silverman Shines in Controversy

It’s easy to quickly fall in love with comedians: they make us happy, and they know just what to say and when. In 2018, when it’s hard to make a joke... Read more