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The Weekly List: Ranking beers by pee taste

The pee taste isn’t an inherent eventuality of beer-loving life.


Carrying On: 38 days and not counting at the Tombs

"In February, I accepted the Tombs’ annual challenge for seniors. On every one of the last 99 days of senior year, I planned to descend into the Tombs and hand the bartender my ID as proof of my attendance. I found the cheapest items on the menu and set aside enough money for all the checks. If you make it, they’ll put your name on a plaque, and how can you put a dollar value on that?"

Halftime Leisure

Burger, Tap & Shake vs. The Tombs

Welcome back to the Halftime Burger Bracket 2014! We present to you the battle of The Tombs versus Burger Tap Shake. These are two very different eateries with two very... Read more