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There are no thrift stores in Georgetown––but maybe there shouldn’t be

Yet, aside from Reddz Trading consignment store on Wisconsin Avenue NW, there are no thrift stores or affordable clothing options around Georgetown (nor are there many in the D.C. area as a whole). But maybe opening a thrift store in Georgetown isn’t actually the best idea––the last thing this already-gentrified neighborhood needs is yet another pricey shop for rich people.


Out with the new, in with the old: How the Georgetown Flea Market offers collectables and community

A Sunday morning walk down 34th Street and Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown can be dizzying for the unsuspecting pedestrian.  On any other day of the week, they would be greeted... Read more


Why Can’t I Have A Straw and Other Complicated Questions: Episode 2, Fashion Sustainability

Join Kayla and Maya in a discussion on sustainability in the fashion world, including a segment from an interview with Hannah Davis, founder of BANGS Shoes. Here is our resource guide!... Read more