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The Art in Mixed Martial Arts, Part 2

Culturally, fistfighting is a renouncement of social progress. McCain, O’Donnell, and Streep describe MMA with various ornate synonyms for barbaric, so what does that make the men and women who... Read more

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The Art in Mixed Martial Arts, Part 1

Until 2016, my favorite sport was illegal in the state of New York. During a hearing regarding its legalization, NY assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell memorably quipped, “[It’s] two half-naked hot men... Read more

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Canelo Knocks Out Kovalev, Becomes Simultaneous Three Division Champion

On November 2nd, in the boxing mecca of Las Vegas, Nevada, Mexican superstar Canelo Alvarez knocked out defending champion Sergey Kovalev to clinch his first WBO Light Heavyweight Title. Canelo... Read more

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All or Nothing: fights like Mayweather vs. McGregor could be bad news for UFC

The outcome was fairly predictable, but the Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather superfight ended on a positive note for all parties involved. McGregor retained his pride with a respectable performance,... Read more

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Conor McGregor and the Return of the UFC Narrative

A lot of things changed for the UFC this year; the franchise’s $4.2 billion purchase put a price on the cultural impact that the franchise has made since its founding... Read more


Why Your UFC Obsession Should Start This Saturday

IT’SSSSSSSSSSSS TIIIIIIIIIIIME! I’m sorry, but I love Bruce Buffer and I can’t wait for the “veteran voice of the Octagon” to shout those infamous two words before the Light Heavyweight... Read more