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50 Shades of Blue and Gray: Part 5


Tony was always walking past me. Chance encounters, brief glances, sly smiles. He was handsome, with his black hair and a crooked smile. He was 6’1” and broad-shouldered and mysterious and perfect. I hated him. I hated myself for being attracted to him. So when I heard of a party at his friend Ryan’s house, I had to go. He found…

50 Shades of Blue and Gray: Part 4


I couldn’t believe my eyes. “Mike! Mike!” I shouted. My whole world was coming apart around me. What was happening? Standing there in shock, I couldn’t bring myself to cry out but just remained fixed to the floor. Finally after taking a deep breath, I walked over to Mike only to have my worst fear…

50 Shades of Blue and Gray: Chapter 3


“Brett, Brett!?” My voice quivered with panic as I ran to his side. “Oh my God, man, are you okay!?” But I could tell that he wasn’t. “Don’t touch him,” Corinne said. That’s when I realized I wasn’t alone, and that the girl of my dreams was suddenly caught up in my worst nightmare. I felt all kinds…

50 Shades of Blue and Grey: Week 2


“VB 11” I shouted back, the words catching in my throat. I couldn’t believe how things were going. The girl of my dreams was actually in my arms moments ago; the wafting scent of her auburn hair reminiscent of the flowers on her dress. “OK,” she shouted, “I’ll meet you there in 10.” I was…

50 Shades of Blue and Gray, Part I


Here at the Voice, we’re all about following trends, so in this moment of crowdsourced news and steamy literature we’ve decided to combine the two. Behold the first installment of 50 Shades of Blue and Grey, the new romance novel set right here on the Hilltop. This one’s courtesy of a fi ctional member of…

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