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<i>Inception</i> : A Movie About Making Movies

Inception : A Movie About Making Movies


In 2010, I went to the movie theater six times to see the same movie. It was the movie that defined my love of film; and it was the first time I started getting into the technical workings that made films great, as well as the thematically rich subtexts that film could offer. I was…

2015 Oscars Recap: Birdman  Soars

2015 Oscars Recap: Birdman  Soars


Interminable. This is the word that comes to mind when thinking of last night’s Oscars. Despite their utter disregard for brevity, there were many memorable moments. Despite only going 6/11 with the picks I made on Friday, and losing the contentious McMahon family picks pool, I enjoyed many portions of the night (and longed for…

The Christopher Nolan Countdown You Deserve

The Christopher Nolan Countdown You Deserve


Some may look at midterm election results and their ramifications as the highlight of this week’s news, but something far more important is taking place: the release of Interstellar. Consequently, we were in need of a countdown of Christopher Nolan’s films. Before you go reacting violently to these potentially biased rankings, keep in mind that…

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