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Georgetown Day 2012

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March 21, 2012


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Calling Erika Cohen-Derr a harpy is pretty weak. Are you drawing Todd Olson with fangs next week? Attack the ideas, not the person.


There goes getting the old Voice office back. Womp, womp.


At least have the gall to put your name on such a terrible piece of “op art.”


I can’t believe a Georgetown student would be so callous and uneducated to draw/publish this. Erika is an amazing asset at this University and always has the best interest of students in mind. Anyone who thinks otherwise has never spent a second with her. I’m ashamed that a fellow Hoya would even stoop this low.


This is horrible. The Voice should be ashamed of themselves. Words cannot begin to describe my anger. Dr. Lord and Erika are great people and do not deserve this in any way, shape, or form. It makes me embarrassed that a Georgetown student would create and post this.

Tyler Simpson

Interesting how the cartoon attacks the two administrators who have perhaps been the two strongest advocates on behalf of students. The legitimacy of this publication is failing. Unlike Georgetown Day, we may see its demise in the very near future.

lighten up

kudos to whoever is responsible for this. made my day. at least somebody here doesn’t quiver in fear of the administration.

@lighten up

I don’t think anyone voicing opposition to this post are quivering in fear of the administration. I think we just expected more of our fellow Georgetown students. This a low blow at these administrators, and the media has really misrepresented a lot of the facts in this case.

Georgetown Student

I think the Voice staffers need to reread President DeGioia’s email about civil discourse and being respect…

Here is a link in case you all missed it:

Georgetown Student

*being respectful


This is hilarious! Surely Erika, Jeanne, and Jim can take a joke. The intent is clearly humor (really, people flying out of a moon bounce and into a flaming pit?).

Great artwork too.

@Georgetown Student


@@lighten up

Calling this publication “the media” is a slap in the face to those news organizations with a shred of ethics training. I agree with the other comments about civil discourse and mutual respect. The Voice should issue a formal apology for the inappropriate “cartoon” it printed.