Gavin Bade

Gavin Bade is Managing Editor of The Georgetown Voice


City on a Hill: Things done changed

To paraphrase The Notorious B.I.G., It was all a dream. You used to read my words up in this magazine. After five semesters of writing City on a Hill and... Read more


City on a Hill: D.C. needs more public housing

When D.C.’s homeless shelters were overwhelmed this winter, the Gray administration’s first response was to blame the victims. D.C. General—the defunct hospital used as a homeless shelter since 2007—quickly filled... Read more


City on a Hill: Wells–effective and ethical

The District of Columbia loves a good political drama, and whether it’s mayoral scandal or bribery and embezzlement on the D.C. Council, we’ve gotten a whole lot of it over... Read more


City on a Hill: Unemployment’s not everything

If your name is Vincent Gray, you had a good day Tuesday. You had a good day because it was unemployment day, that magical time each month when the District’s... Read more


City on a Hill: Cooperation, not gentrification

Talking about gentrification in D.C. has just about become passe. It’s not that young professionals and other high earners pushing long-standing District residents out of their neighborhoods is suddenly not... Read more


City on a Hill: No vouching for this program

The government shutdown brought national attention to the budget battles between D.C. and the Capitol, but it’s not just appropriations fights where Congress hamstrings the District. There are more subtle,... Read more


City on a Hill: Taxis, meet Teamsters

D.C. cab drivers are mad as hell, and they aren’t gonna take it anymore. At least, that was the feeling that came out of reports of last week’s inaugural meeting... Read more


City on a Hill: Waiting for de Blasio

“De Blasio wins a primary, Summers doesn’t get nominated, Peter Beinart writes an essay and suddenly the parliamentary left is resurgent?” That was Cole Stangler, In These Times writer and... Read more


City on a Hill: The white man’s football

Usually, I stay away from writing about sports. It’s not a personal aversion. I’m as much of a fan as the next guy. I just like to leave it to... Read more


Focus less on educators: It’s the tests that are failing DCPS

On Monday, D.C. Public Schools released the results of its first year of principal evaluations, and they weren’t pretty. More than half of the District’s 120 school leaders were rated... Read more