Haute Mess: Make fetch happen this fall

August 24, 2012

As you begin to unpack your bags and settle back into the swing of things at the start of a new year, it is important  not only to ready yourself for the upcoming semester, but also to find that star-studded look that will give you the confidence for any close-up. With the end of summer looming and the first day of fall on the brink, your look will transition from a bright, vibrant getup to a softer, darker look perfect for a cool, autumn day. But there’s no need to break the bank searching for that perfect runway look. Instead, take these “five essentials” as crucial items for your everyday wardrobe that will carry you from those hot summer days to cool autumn nights.

The first necessity is a classic blazer. One of the hottest trends for both men and women, spanning all seasons, is the classic menswear look. This über-trendy item is one of the most flexible articles of clothing, as you can dress it up or down for almost any occasion. For men, the cardinal feature for the blazer is the fit. Your jacket should fit snug at the shoulders and contour your body to make a $200 blazer look like a million bucks. Further, don’t be afraid to pair your blazer with a colorful pocket square, as it will only add an extra je ne sais quoi to an already chic ensemble.
For women, use this traditional menswear item as a versatile anchor to any outfit. Dress it up with dark washed jeans, a simple black clutch, and some bold bangles to create an elegant, ready-for-work look. Or match the blazer with some plaid trousers, heels, and a hat for an edgy runway look.

The next necessity is a modern pair of pants. Over the past year, colored pants have been an up-and-coming trend for both men and women, creating a fresh pop of color that is perfect for summer and fall. Stay with the bright, pastel palette, such as lemon yellow for a playful combination or aquamarine for a more delicate pairing, and take it down a notch for the fall season with rhubarb, tangerine orange, or honey yellow pants for a more collegiate look.

For women, don’t be afraid to play with geometric prints for your pants, as they are currently some of the trendiest items on the runway. You can take the safe route by matching these geometric prints with neutrals, or be more daring by experimenting with other patterns.

No outfit (hopefully) is complete without a shirt. For both summer and fall, stripes are everything. Countless designers, such as Gucci, Paul Smith, and Michael Bastian, have used this perennial pattern on skinny ties, sweaters, tees, and button-downs. Pair a striped tee with a blazer and pocket square for a laid-back yet refined summer look, and switch the tee with a button-down and sweater for the fall. Women should be on the lookout for the peplum trend, which has hit runways from Tokyo to Milan. The key to peplum this season is to add some zest to the outfit with accessories that blend floral geometrics with dark, fall-appropriate colors.

Bring everything back together by centering your outfit around a belt. Leave your pastel colored belts for the summer, but for fall stick to the three b’s: black, blue, and burgundy—three classic yet dramatic colors that are perfect for any fall day. For women, studded and woven belts can turn an outfit from drab to totally fab.

Last but not least are the shoes. My personal favorite part of any outfit, shoes can either make or break a look. For the gentlemen, loafers should be a staple on your shopping list. Try pairing them with some chinos, rolled up just enough to expose the ankle, a trench, and a turtleneck underneath. For the ladies, break out your boots and sport them like there’s no tomorrow. Perfect with leggings and a frilly leather tote, boots are the ideal shoes for this upcoming season.

Use your creations to express yourself and your personality. Be brave, be bold, be beautiful, but above all, be you.

Send your classiest fall outfits to rdelapaz@georgetownvoice.com


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