Restless in Washington

April 17, 2013

The millennial generation has much more to offer artistically than a 22-year-old writing songs about never ever getting back together. With this mentality, theINcrowd founder and creative director Seun Oyewole (SFS ’14) launched The Young and the Restless hip-hop showcase in 2010 to promote “people our age who are trying to take their music to the next level,” a goal that resonates with the event name.

In its third iteration, The Young and the Restless, hosted by theINcrowd, is sponsored by a growing array of organizations including the Georgetown Urban Arts Patrons, the Black Student Alliance, What’s After Dark, and the Lannan Center for Poetics and Social Practice, among others, ensuring a showcase of considerable talent.

“I just invite artists I’m listening to the most,” many of whom “are on track to be signed with a major label,” said Oyewole. Despite its rather unscientific nature, this approach appears to be perfect for the task—the acts appeal to both the hip-hop fan and a critical ear.

Philadelphia native and rapper GrandeMarshall, recently affiliated with Fool’s Gold Records, will be joined by the more soulful Brooklyn collective Phony Ppl and the Atlanta-based Two-9, who promise a refined hip-hop experience.

Emceed by Nehemiah Markos (COL ’14), the showcase opens at 9:30 p.m. in Hoya Court this Friday, with tickets on sale for $5 to Georgetown students.

The Young and the Restless III, however, has been expanded to feature more than promising musical acts. Live art curated by the Georgetown University Art Aficionados will appear alongside the performances, adding another medium to the mission of showcasing the artistic prowess of our generation.

“Just because you get a liberal arts education doesn’t mean you get a fine arts appreciation,” said Megan Schmidt (COL ’15), a featured artist. The Young and the Restless III “is encouraging a wide range of students to get in touch with that world.”

Artists invited by the GU Art Aficionados are encouraged to use their own materials as well as those provided for the event, creating a far more eclectic artistic environment in an eye-opening assault on the senses.

Before the student body descends into the crushing depths of Lau, The Young and the Restless III may provide a brief instance of hope and enlightenment in the vibrant world that awaits those who survive finals.

Kirill Makarenko
Former Assistant Leisure Editor

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