News Hit: Official GU sexual assault resource website launches

February 27, 2014


President John DeGioia announced a new University policy on sexual misconduct and the launch of a website detailing Georgetown’s resources for survivors of sexual assault in a community-wide email on Tuesday.

The new policy, which defines sexual misconduct and procedure for complaints and reporting, was approved by the Board of Directors this month and will be incorporated into student, faculty, and staff handbooks and codes of conduct, according to DeGioia’s email.

DeGioia also wrote that the website is intended as a “central resource” for the community. The website includes contacts for information and support, avenues for reporting sexual misconduct, and rights for the accused.

The new website marks the first time Georgetown has offered an online source for those affected by sexual assault, according to Vice President of Diversity and Equity and Title IX coordinator Rosemary Kilkenny.

“Having one space where all available resources are very easy to access to students is a great advancement,” wrote Georgetown Emergency Response Medical Service Director of Public Relations Kate McClellan (COL ‘14) in an email to the Voice.


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