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Swords, Debts, and Dragons, Game of Thrones returns

April 8, 2014

After a yearlong hiatus, Game of Thrones finally returned with their season four premiere on Sunday night. The show started off with a bang showing many fan favorites including the two Stark sisters, Sansa and Arya, the Lannisters, Daenerys Targaryen, and Jon Snow.

The premiere also brought in new characters, including the younger prince of Martell, Oberyn, and his lover, Ellaria Sand, a bastard. They arrive at King’s Landing for the royal wedding between King Joffery and Margaery Tyrell and something more.

Prince Oberyn hopes to get revenge on the Lannisters, specifically Tywin Lannister, who ordered the deaths of his sister who was married to Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, and the deaths of her children during the War of the Usurper. As Prince Oberyn states, “The Lannisters aren’t the only one who pays their debts.”

Jamie, the eldest Lannister son, has finally returned home, and although his father tries to convince him to leave the King’s Guard, Jamie chooses to stay, determined to learn how to fight with his left hand. Even so, it quickly becomes apparent that he may not have made the right choice as his sister and lover, Cersei, isn’t too happy to have him back. Angry that he left her, even though it wasn’t his choice, she doesn’t know how to forgive him.

His son, Joffrey, isn’t too fond of him either, seeing Jamie as useless without his right hand. The only person that seems to be glad to have him in King’s Landing is Brienne, who returned to King’s Landing with him. She reminds Jamie of the promise he made to Lady Stark: to return Sansa and Arya to her care. Although Lady Stark died last season Brienne believes it’s still his duty to help the Stark sisters even if he’s not sure how.

Outside of King’s Landing, Arya continues on her travels with the Hound to find a safe place. While traveling they come across the man who killed her friend Loomy and stole her sword. This is the first time viewers really get to see Arya’s dark side come out as she kills the man without remorse, repeating the same lines he said to Loomy, to him as he dies.

Daenerys continues on her journey to gain power and return to Westeros to claim the throne. Although she has amassed a great army, her dragons have fully-grown and no longer obey her. As her loyal guard, Jorah Mormont, tells her, “They can’t be tamed. Not even by their mother.” Despite that, she continues to keep control over her men, reasserting her authority and strength.

Up north at the wall, Jon Snow must convince the council of the Night’s Watch, not to kill him for killing his commanding officer and living amongst the wildlings. By telling them about the wildlings plan to attack the wall and with the help of the eldest councilman, Jon’s life is saved.

Beyond the wall Jon’s ex-girlfriend, Ygritte, along with the other wildlings continue their plans to attack the wall. Teaming up with other wildling clans, they decide that for the time being their hatred for “kneelers” who live south of the wall was more important than their hatred for each other.

This season is sure to keep fans interested and on the edge of their seats with a fight brewing between the wildlings and those south of the wall as well as a false sense of security in King’s Landing. As the Tyrell’s and the Lannister’s prepare for the joining of their families there’s no telling what will happen at this wedding. As the tag line warns, “All men must die.”

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What’s the point of this? This is literally just a recap of the episode? Why would I read this?

C’mon Halftime. Let’s see some analysis.