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The Weekly List(en): Welcome to Summer

June 3, 2014

Whether you like it or not, summer session has begun here on the Hilltop. Now, for most of you, who are out in the world trying to squeeze as much fun out of your summer as possible (or who are stuck in a boring summer internship), this doesn’t matter at all. But for us here at Halftime, that means that we’re coming back to work, bringing you the best coverage of sports and leisure that Georgetown has to offer.

Let’s get it going shall we? Welcome back to the Weekly List(en), our weekly curation of what’s good in music. During the summer, we’re going to change the format of the List a little bit, to adapt to our less frequent posting schedule. As such, this week’s list will be the only one posted for the rest of the month. But don’t worry, the List I’m about to present to you is longer than our usual compilations, to alleviate your music withdrawal.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present: June 2014.

[8tracks url=”http://8tracks.com/drvarg01/june-2014″ ]

This month’s list is marked by large bumping beats and young talent. Most of the releases of this list have come in from the last year or so and have yet to really make an impact on the popular music world. That being said, there are some big names present in the forms of John Legend, The Mowgli’s and the Atlantic.

In any case, this month’s List is sure to get you pumped for whatever is in store for you this summer! Enjoy!

Photo: Daniel Varghese/The Georgetown Voice

Daniel Varghese
Daniel was an editor at the Voice from December 2013 to November 2016. He loved it. Follow him on Twitter @drvarg01 for his thoughts on Global Health and Kanye West.

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