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Big Hero 6 is a humongous success

November 11, 2014

In the midst of Marvel and DC duking it out over control of the superhero film, Disney has landed a serious blow to the genre with Big Hero 6. The movie manages to combine the heartwarming elements of Disney character development with the action and excitement of The Avengers. I have to say that I laughed, I cried, and it made we want to be a better person.

The beginning of Big Hero 6 immediately takes you to the dark and seedy underworld of the futuristic city of San Fransokyo. Here we meet Hiro, an incredibly intelligent teenager wasting has talents hustling robot fighters for money. After a fight gone wrong, Hiro’s older brother, Tadashi, inspires Hiro to apply himself and go to college.

The bulk of the story revolves around the relationship between Hiro and Beymax, a large inflatable healthcare robot designed by Tadashi. Beymax was created with the intent to be essentially a huggable nurse, but becomes that and so much more through the film. Hiro and Beymax become incredibly close through the trials and tribulations of the film. The two are joined by a strong cast of heroes consisting of other young science geniuses and one college mascot.

Big Hero 6 is a legitimately hysterical movie. It builds off some of the classic jokes about robots not understanding emotions, but also is full of original and clever humor. Big Hero 6 also manages to throw in some hysterical jokes intended for older viewers, some of which had me in tears. It also manages to be emotionally compelling. The movie creates relatable characters, and makes you care about what happens to them. This sort of engagement is rare in a children and it greatly enhances the story.

Addition, Big Hero 6 manages to employ 3D without becoming obnoxious. Instead of trying to throw things at the audience like most animated 3D movies, in Big Hero 6 it was used to create a depth that really complimented the creation of San Fransokyo. The animators used incredible detail creating even the smallest things in the movie, from the tiny microbots to the Japanese-themed arches of the Golden Gate Bridge. They really created their own little universe.

On top of the incredible movie was a fantastic five minute animated movie that preceded Big Hero 6, which reminded of all of the Pixar and Disney shorts I loved as a child. This one follows the life of a dog and his owner, all through the lens of the dog’s meals. This video managed to fit just about every emotion imaginable into its short length. For anyone who doesn’t want to see another superhero movie, just this would be worth the price of admission.

Hands down, Big Hero 6 is the next movie you should go to. It has a great cast of characters and will inspire you to do better things.


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John Doe

This is an incredibly well written piece. This gets me really excited to see this movie, as well as to continue admiring future content from Halftime. Hoya Saxa, Connor, Hoya Saxa.