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The Weekly List: The Local Artists of Landmark 2015

September 26, 2015

As some of you may know, Landmark Music Festival is occurring the weekend. The festival has a great lineup and an even better cause, the restoration of the National Mall.  Aiding our beloved DC even more, the festival showcases a great deal of rising DC artists who are absolutely worth the listen. Today Halftime is here to bring you a taste of the best DC artists Landmark Music Festival has to offer you. So please turn your volume up, relax and enjoy with The Weekly List: The Best of DC that Landmark has to Offer.

Ex Hex “Don’t Wanna Lose”– This band takes on the new wave, punk style emulating artists like “Speedy Ortiz” and  “Chrissie Hynde” With hard, fast, palm muting and heavy distortion, this track is simple yet catchy. (Jefferson Stage, Saturday, 12:30-1:30pm)

US Royalty “Vacation Vacation”– Looking for a soundtrack for your quiet day at the beach? Look no further. Gentle acoustic guitar and soothing vocals build up beautifully and slowly until it climaxes with a chorus of voices and energetic distortion.  (Miller Lite Stage, Saturday, 1:30-2:30)

The Hunts “Remember Us”– Hailing from Chesapeake, Virgina, the Hunts’ popular track is categorized by a interesting combination of score behind the smooth, story- telling vocals. One can hear mandolin, violin, and bells in tandem with soft, mellow guitar.  (Roosevelt Stage, Saturday, 1:30-2:30)

Vandaveer “Pretty Polly”– Although D.C. is a tad far north for the country music seen, Vandaveer nonetheless brings the sounds of  heavy bluegrass, banjo and guitar with  twangy vocals to match. A battling duet is complemented by steady backing music with a dark theme. (BMI Stage, Saturday, 3:30-4:30)

Empresarios “Sabor Tropical”– This song is just a whole lot of fun. I would categorized the Empresarios as a more modern Tito Puente that just makes you want to dance. With flavor of mambo and salsa, I look forward to catching their set this weekend. (BMI Stage, Saturday, 1:30-2:30)

Wale “The Need To Know feat SZA”– Frankly I was surprised by the intro containing Elaine and Jerry dialogue. SZA’s powerful voice over heavy bass oddly seems to put Elaine and Jerry’s sexual tension to music in a story of should or shouldn’t they. (Jefferson Stage, Saturday, 4:30-5:30)

Avers “Empty Light”– This band has a similar feel to the popular to the Brooklyn-based band Real Estate. “Empty Light” brings forth an inundation of electronic sound that surrounds the listener. The wave of synthesizer rises then crashes into more simplistic guitar and backing keyboard repeatedly through the course of the song. (Jefferson Stage, Sunday, 12:30-1:30)

Ace Cosgrove MD “Emotional Cancer”-  Funk bass and casual synth are the soul behind his rap. Although the backing music does not differentiate much through the course of the track, it is more than enough to carry through this entertaining track. (BMI Stage, Sunday, 1:30-2:30)

Dan Deacon  “Sheathed Wings”- This is a fun, upbeat, electro-dance track mashed together with alternatve-style vocals. I would describe this track by the Baltimore native as if Matt and Kim got crossed with talent and got a bit rougher around the edges. (Roosevelt Stage, Sunday, 5:30-6:30)

That’s it for this edition of the Weekly List! Halftime sincerely hopes you enjoyed our choices and we look forward to seeing some of you at Landmark this weekend!


Michael Bergin
Mike Bergin is the former executive culture Editor for the Georgetown Voice. You can follow him on Twitter @mbergin95

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