Grouplove: Echostage, Wednesday 11/9

November 2, 2016

Photo: Flickr

Grouplove’s upbeat music is the ideal representation of the band’s perpetual, industrious energy. Since the group’s formation in 2009, Grouplove has released three complete albums and numerous EPs, and their self-titled 2009 debut EP garnered immediate popularity on the West Coast and their fanbase has grown exponentially since. The band is now in the midst of their second major concert tour and will perform at DC’s Echostage on Wednesday, Nov. 9.

Members Hannah Hooper, Christian Zucconi, Sean Gadd, Andrew Wessen, and Ryan Rabin  first met on the island of Crete during an art residency and resolved to reunite at Rabin’s studio in Los Angeles – leading ultimately to the emergence of Grouplove.

Never Trust a Happy Song (2011), Grouplove’s first full album, introduced hit tracks such as “Tongue Tied” and “Itchin’ On a Photograph,” cementing the band’s entry into the realm of American Indie Rock and foreshadowing future significance. From there, Grouplove leapt into a rigorous concert tour and released a second album, Spreading Rumors (2013). Since then, original bassist Sean Gadd has left Grouplove to be replaced by Dan Gleason, but Grouplove’s immense energy shows no sign of lessening as a result.

Grouplove’s current tour comes in the wake of their most recent album, Big Mess (2016). The album stays true to the band’s now signature style: emotional vocals and powerful instrumentals, now strengthened by added experience in composition and in life as the artists revealed in a recent interview with iHeartradio. The show is sure to follow suit, overflowing with Grouplove’s creative individuality, dynamic sound, and heartfelt emotion.

Grouplove will perform with Muna and Dilly Dally at Echostage on Wednesday, November 9, at 7pm.

Tickets are available here.

Emily Jaster
Emily Jaster is the former features editor and former Halftime Leisure editor for The Georgetown Voice. When she's not writing for the Voice, you can usually find her writing poetry or wandering around art galleries and concert halls.

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